21/03/22 Thanks to Em and SLS for the gig on Saturday. Good people, great bands and a lot of fun.

Unfortunately the Brighton gig has been postponed by the promoter due to Covid. we'll update if it gets re-scheduled.



We have been asked to act as a last minute replacement on a hardcore matinee @Prince Albert in Brighton with Butcher baby and Jawless on Sunday 13/03/22 flyer here. Despite being based in Brighton this is our first Pig City gig since 2016.



Normal service is resumed! Following lockdown and the the realities of the pandemic on playing we are now starting to book in gigs again. the first confirmed gig is for South london Scum in London on 19/03/22 @New Cross Inn with Anti System/Civillised Society and more, details on the flyer here.



We are pleased to let you know following from the 4 raging EP's released over the last decade Constant State of Terror's debut full length LP 'Speak Truth to Power' with 10 all new songs is now available on the following great labels:

  • Phobia PR191
  • Deviance Dev#110
  • Anomie Put049
  • Inflammable Material BURN032
  • Bisounours Bis#15
  • Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik nr62
  • Maloka

We have also copies for sale direct from us. In the UK they are £14 (£10 plus £4 postage). We also have a very limited number of red vinyl copies for at £16 (£12 plus £4 postage) Paypal as a gift to the address below please. For multiple copies we can combine the postage just email prior to ordering.

Anyone outside the UK and/or not able to order from the labels above please also get in touch via


Any queries or distro enquiries please drop us a line.


Thanks to Discharge for the loan of backline last week in Lewes, great venue, great crowd and a great gig.


Great gig in Derby last month, our next confifrmed gig is with Discharge in Lewes on the 06/07/19 Flyer here. News on our long delayed debut full length LP 'Speak Truth to Power' will be posted soon.



We are pleased to confirm we are a playing a benefit for Shelter on the 09/12/18 at the Dev in Camden with Antisect and more more details on the flyer here. Please show support in person if you can make it but otherwise why not donate what you can spare to Shelter?



Our next confirmed gig is in Nottingham at the Doghouse on Saturday 7th October with Police Bastard and more.



First gig in a while for us with a benefit organised by Brighton Hunt Sabs to help save Bexhill and Hastings wildlife Rescue, flyer here, come down and join us supporting a good cause at the Cowley Club in Brighton on Saturday 10th June.



Next gigs for us are with Clown from Japan on the 9th and 12th of November in Brighton flyer here and London flyer here. checkout the flyers or the gig page for full info.



Thanks to Laura for organising a great gig in Brighton with Constant State of Terror, ATU, Viha and more to benefit Yekitiya Star a Kurdish feminist group active in Rojava - more info here. The bands were great plus awareness and a little bit of money was raised for a good cause.

Our next gig is in London at the Camden Unicorn on Friday June 17th with POA and more, flyer here. We are also playing Fuk Reddin 2016 again up in London over the August bank holiday weekend.



Next gig is playing with Meinhof in London at the Camden Unicorn on March 4th, flyer here



Pleased to update we will be playing our first hometown gig in a while at the Cowley Club with Appalachian Terror Unit on May 1st next year, flyer here



Our next confirmed gig is in Brixton on Saturday 23rd January, flyer here.



And again! the forthcoming gig in Birmingham on Novemember 20th with Anti-System has been cancelled we'll update when the new date is set...



Sadly we are no longer playing Subvert fest on Saturday as the venue was pulled at the last minute by the boys in blue. The event is still going ahead in but with a reduced line up in a smaller venue, even without us (or because of our abscence) its a great bill so please support.



Once again a much delayed update, we are playing Subvert in Bristol on the 24th October the bill is awesome checkout the flyer here loads of great bands. After that we are in Birmingham on Novemember 20th with Anti-System, flyer here.



Our next confirmed gig is with P.A.I.N and Decleration of War in Derby on Saturday 6th June, flyer here.



Our next confirmed gig is with long running Swedish Hardcore veterans Mob 47 in Brighton on Saturday 7th March, flyer here.



Another overdue update recording wise we are on the final leg now and booking mixing sessions ...

On the live front we are playing wth Anti-System & Liberty at the Prince Albert in Brighton on Saturday the 17/01/15. It's a matinee gig from 13:30 to 17:00 and we'll be first on, flyer here.



First of thanks to William and Rebecca and everyone involved with Unpleasent Festival in Paris for an eclectic and well organised festival. Plus as ever thanks to Robak and Risky for the usual London chaos ...

Secondly we are doing a mini Euro tour with Flatpig just a couple of dates both in Belgium and Holland in July , please see the gigs page for more details. It's worked out well as we are playing with a few old friends like Visons of War in the process so should be fun.

Also we are playing in Brighton on the 11th July its AOA's album release gig plus being a benefit for Hunt Sabs so support it if you can. Finally for this update we are playing Birmingham on the 19th July, flyer here, more details on these on the gigs page. We will bring the heavy artillery...



Another long overdue update, we have been busy recording over the last few months and it's coming along well, 13 new tracks recorded just vocals and mixing to go... we'll post a further update when we have more news.

We are playing the Unpleasant Meeting Festival in Paris on the 10th May, flyer here, and before that on the 4th May we are back at the Grosvenor in London, flyer here, more details on the gig page.



We have been asked, at the last minute, to fill in for someone dropping off the bill at the Grovsner in London this Thurs 03/10/13 with Police Bastard, incredibly we are all avaliable and so are looking forward to blasting out some tunes, details on the gig page and the flyer here. Following that we are playing in Brighton on the 10/10/13 with Hellshock, flyer here, and then on 12/10/13 in Birmingham with Hellkrusher flyer here, please see details on the gigs page. Come and say hello...



We have a few more gigs confirmed and added on the gigs page, the next one is the South London Punx Picnic on the 04/08/13, please see the gig page for more details.



We have all been busy with various different activities but have found time to do some more writing. We now have more than enough brand new tracks to record for our long talked about debut LP. So now the next challenge is finding a time when we are all available to record it…

In the meantime we have a few gigs confirmed including the first day of this year’s Punx Picnic in Brighton on Friday 19th April. More details on this and more on the gig page.


One more update before the end of the year, we are playing our last gig of the year at the Hobbit in Southapton on 23rd Dec, please see the gig page for more details.



A couple of new gigs confirmed, see the gig page for full details. We are playing an AFA benefit in Brighton, flyer here, on the 05/10/12 and in London,flyer here, up in New Cross on the 27/10/12, this is both a celebration for Enzo's b'day and a fund raiser for the Scumfest PA system for use at DIY events in London. Please come and show your support for two worthy causes.



We're back and we are doing a last minute gig at Grovsner in London as part of Fuk Redding on Friday 24/08/12 filling in for Flatpig who can't make it. We're not on the flyer but we will be there so come and say hello.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us offering gigs recently, we are still active but the logisitics /realities of organising a bunch of old punx who should know better with work/family commitments can sometimes mean we can't do everything we are offered. However we really appreciate the interest and understanding of our, far from unique position, so please keep the offers coming as we do try and do as much as we can.



Thanks to everyone that came to our recent gigs in Brittany and a big thank you to Andy /Christine for organising the gigs and Len for driving. We played some new songs, had a drink or two, made some new friends and generally had a blast!

Also thanks to all of the organisers of the Brighton Punx Picnic, we played the Friday and it had an interesting mix of bands with a sold out and up for it crowd. We won't be playing for a few months during the summer, we ain't a sunshine and flowers in your hair kinda band.... but we'll be back in the Autumn.



It's been a while since we had updated the site with any news so it's good to be able to announce both a new tour and a one off appearance at the Brighton Punx Picnic at the end of April. We are off to Brittany in France for 4 gigs on the 04/04/12. We'll be road testing a lot of the new material we have been writing with a view to recording for our long delayed debut LP. The tour has been organised by our friends The Flue Sniffers who we'll be touring with. Please see the gig pages for details.

Closer to home we are playing the 20/04/12 the Friday night of this year’s Brighton Punx Picnic with Oi Polloi amongst others, flyer here. Once again details on the gig pages.

We have limited copies of the split 7'' with Deportation featuring two previously unreleased Terror tracks and five by Deportation. It's available for £3.00 from us at gigs or £4.00 ppd UK /£5.00 ppd Europe. Anybody anywhere else in the world please contact us and we'll work something out for postage. In mainland Europe it'll be cheaper to pick it up straight from Radical HC records (get in touch with them at bradzirkle at hotmail dot com) who put it out.



One more update before our tour, we are playing what looks like will be the last gig at the Deathdrop in London on 05th Nov. It's an awesome line up with Last Legion Alive, Warprayer and Agnosy, please get down there for 8pm for doors, flyer here.


18/10/11 Once again a slightly overdue update but we have lots of news including a new record and a tour. Since the last update we have been reasonably busy by our relaxed standards, including playing a few UK gigs in Brum, Northampton , Brighton and London and have continued to write new material. The next recording we will be doing is for our debut LP and will be the first our new bass player Dave will have had the opportunity to play on, more news on that later in the year.

As mentioned last month we are pleased to announce that we have a split single w/ Deportation coming out on Radical HC records from Belgium at the end of Oct. Our side has 2 tracks 'Slaves to Wealth' a relentless raging slab of metallic crust and our set closer for a while plus the eco-themed 'Black Storm'. Both songs were recorded in 30/03/10 with the original line-up just prior to Ad leaving us to go to emigrate to Oz. Originally these were for different projects, the aborted Finnish 6 band split and a split with Visions of War so we are pleased they are finally getting out. We still have two finished tracks in the vaults from the same session that may see the light someday, a riposte to The present Tory administration in the UK called 'Them and Us' and a full on cover of Discharge’s ‘Protest and Survive'.

To celebrate the 7'' release we are doing a small 5 date mini tour with Deportation taking in Belgium, Holland and Germany. The tour starts in Liege on the 26th and finishes in Leuven on the 30th, please see the gigs page for more details. We have toured together before and always had a blast so check it out if you're near any of these towns. Plus it’ll be no shock to learn then that we will have the new 7'' for sale with us at these gigs and then will have a limited amount for mail order from this site and at future gigs in our distro. Get in touch if you want one.

30/05/11 The main news this month is we are pleased to announce that we have a split release with our friends in Deportation coming out in a couple of months on Radical Hardcore Records. We are using a couple of the unreleased tracks we recorded prior to Adam leaving.

'Slaves to Wealth' is a song we have been playing as a set closer for a couple of years now and 'Black Storm’ is a shorter Hardcore number. You can find the lyrics and an explanation of what the songs are about on the Lyrics page. Stiv Visions of War has done some awesome artwork for our side of the split, which we'll put up here soon, and it pretty much encapsulates what the song is about...

More info on this once we have it, we will definitely have a limited number of copies for sale at gigs or otherwise it'll be available from the label, distros, etc.

To end a big thank you to everyone who organised, helped or came to one of the gigs on our mini tour with Deportation last month it's always good to meet friends old and new. Our next gig is in Birmingham on the 11/06/11 followed by the Northampton Punx Picnic on the 25/06/11.



The Brighton gig was a blast so we are really looking forward to the mini tour with Deportation in a couple of weeks starting in London on the 12th May and then taking in Bristol, Edinburgh and Derby, venue and date details on the gigs page. Come out and say hello if we’re anywhere near you. As an added incentive, as if you needed one, is we’ll have the Missing the Point distro with us for all the record collectors...

Finally we have got a couple more of gigs confirmed including the inaugural Brighton Punx Picnic and a return to the Fuk Redding festival, more details on the gigs page.



The first gig with the new line up in Notts was a success so we are looking forward to playing again in a couple of weeks at first hometown gig in a year. If you're anywhere near Brighton on April the 17th come down listen to a right old fuckin' racket and have a drink with us at the Cowley Club...

We have been busy organising some gigs with Deportation from Holland and will be doing a mini UK tour in May (well England plus one in Scotland really...) details on the gig page.



The main news for us is that we can announce that we now have now a new bassist, the thunder god that is Dave Charge! Dave is an old friend of the band and has driven us on tour before so he knows what he’s letting himself in for. We have been busy rehearsing and after a few months of playing as a 4 piece we are now ready to start gigging as a 5 piece again with Neal back on guitar.

Our first gig with the new line up is in Nottingham on Friday 4th March, flyer here, plus we’re also playing our first hometown gig in over a year with the recently reformed Hellbastard among others on Sunday the 17th April at the Cowley Club. More details on these on the gig pages.

Lastly there is some well filmed footage of us from Scumfest in December is up on you tube, the whole gig is up there in 3 parts just follow this link to the first part and the others follow on.


Cheers to Si and the Scumfest crew for a great gig that was not only a lot of fun but raised awareness and funds for the Gary Critchley campaign see link below. The gig is up on you tube see the link here for the first part of our set, it’s in 3 parts with links to the other bands sets. Also thanks to Rich for having us over to Southampton for our annual appearance.

We are still busy finishing writing for our LP and organising a couple of other projects about which we will have more details in the New Year. We are also in the process of setting up some gigs for next year which will be posted here once we have the details confirmed.

Lastly thanks to everyone that has come to see us, organised a gig, fed us, bought us a drink, given us a place to stay, helped out in anyway, bought any of our records etc or just come up and said hello this year. As ever your support is appreciated and makes playing in the band much more fun. See you all next year...



Thanks to everyone who organised, helped or came to one of the gigs on our mini tour with Deportation over last weekend particulary Joe and all at De Onderbroek, all at De Plu, all at Den BarBaar, not forgeting Brad and Deportation for their hospitaltity. Apologies to anyone that wanted to see the Gronigen gig it was cancelled at the last moment due to Police enforced noise restrictions at the Crowbar, forcing them to supend live music for now. Maybe next time...

We have added some confirmed gigs in Dec, details on the gig page. First up is the Scumfest crew's Winterfest, flyer front and detailed back here. All profits are to benefit the Justice for Gary Critchley campaign. In brief campaigners are fighting to clear the name of Gary Critchley, originally sentenced in 1981 with a recommendation that he should serve ‘no more than 8-9 years’ Gary has spent 30 years in prison. No longer jailed in relation to the original – and very unsafe – conviction Gary is now detained as a result of attempts on his own life, to assess whether he as a personality disorder and if so how he will be ‘looked after’ within the system. Gary has become somewhat of a political prisoner: being punished over and over by a retributive system. Please see the Gary Critchley Justice Campaign's website here for full details on the campaign and of Gary's case.



Another long overdue update, contrary to how it might appear we have been busy with some band related activity over the last 3 months or so! Firstly we have mixed the final recording we did with Ad and the first of those tracks, 'Black Storm', is our contribution to a multi split single being compiled by Jaani from Diskelma on a Finnish label, more info on that soon.

We have also been busy writing for our debut LP that we are planning to record later this year. We will continue writing but have so far completed a number of songs that will hopefully form the basis for the full length album in the near future, suffice to say we are really excited with the sound and direction of the new material.

Finally we have a short mini-tour of Belgium/Holland with Deportation from the 11-14/11/10 confirmed with the dates and details on the gig pages. We'll be playing a new set, road testing the new songs and playing all your favourites, all killer no filler just pure impact! Should be a blast...



Unfortunately we have had to cancel playing the Subhumans gig we had listed in Brighton on the 10/08/10, but I’m sure we'll be playing Brighton again...

We have also been listed on some posters as playing The Fuk Reading gig up in London on the 27/08/10 but whilst we were asked to play it we had confirmed we could not do it back in May. We have spoken to Risky and the Reknaw crew and they have apologised for the mix up and removed us from the new posters, etc. Sorry to anyone that was looking forward to seeing us, we will be back up in London soon for sure. However, even though we aren't playing it looks like a good gig see the flyer for details.

We are in the process of finalising some gigs at the moment and will post them on the site once we have the confirmed details.


Thanks to Bloody Kev for the recent gig in London which was fun, we are all enjoying playing as a four piece and it's still sounding tight and powerful. We are still looking to get our new bass player gigging by the end of the year but in the meantime we can still deliver a right fuckin' racket if required! The next gig for us is this weekend at the Nottingham Punks Picnic, flyer with details here.



Just a quick update this month to confirm we aren't dead! Played our first couple of gigs as a 4 piece this month and both were great fun. Thanks to everyone who came and especially Steve and JJ for sorting them out. Next up is a last minute gig up in London on the 03/06/10 with Palm from Japan, details on the gig page.

We have finshed the last recording we did and just need to find a few hours to do the final mix. Sounds awesome...



Thanks to everyone who came to Ad’s farewell gig in Brighton a couple of weeks back, particularly all those that travelled, played or helped with running the gig. It was a busy night with a great atmosphere and all the bands put in great sets. We managed to pull off a probably never to repeated cover of ‘Second coming’ by ‘Battalion of Saints’ that Ad had been wanting to do for a few years to add to the occasion! All in all a great send off. Now we just need to get our new bassist up to speed...

We are planning to finish the recording we started recently this month and to continue to get the songs ready for our LP. Plus we have gigs coming up over the next few months as listed on the gig page so plenty to keep us busy. As ever if you are interested in putting us on please get in touch, unfortunately we can’t do everything we are offered but we’ll always try and accommodate as far as we can.

Lastly a bit of bad news, the Reknaw sound system who have put us on countless times and are stalwarts of the London punk scene have had a massive setback in losing their van/rig in a fire. There are a number of benefits to keep Reknaw running, details at the Reknaw site here. Reknaw have always supported the underground DIY punk scene and are one of the UK's longest running free party systems so please support them now they need our help.


The big news this month is that Adam our bass player is moving to Australia which naturally means he'll no longer be playing for us. Ad's swansong prior to his departure for Oz will be one last gig in Brighton next month on the 11/04/10. We've made it into a bit of an party with some of the best Hardcore bands in the UK right now, take a look at the flyer, plus thanks to Sned and a happy coincidence we've got Bradford’s leading NWOBHM revivalists Conquest Of Steel to finish the evening in over the top trad. metal style.

As mentioned last time we are in the studio this weekend to record a couple of tracks for projects we have been asked to contribute to. This will include a cover of Discharge's 'Protest and Survive' which was one of the first tunes we jammed on so a fitting coda for the end of an era for us. Once these are completed we will continue writing the songs for our debut LP that we are planning to record later this year.

In the meantime we are continuing to gig and will play as a four piece with Neal taking over bass duties until we have a new bass player gig ready. We have the first one with the UK Subs in Hastings on May 7th. We are also playing the North London Punks Picnic on Friday 21/05/10, flyer here. Following that we are in Nottingham in June and Birmingham in July more details on the Gigs page.


18/02/10 First off thanks to the Death Drop crew for an awesome gig there last month. The next day in Brum was fun too although maybe a few too many bands and too little organisation... Next up for us are a couple of gigs in March. First up is in London with Broken Bones, flyer here and the next night we're in Boston, details on the gigs page and myspace. We are also recording in March and the new songs range stylistically from the metal style tracks on War with No End 7' to Totalitar style fast hardcore tunes to keep it interesting.

On a sad note on 17th Nov 2009 Skinny formerly of the London punk band Coitus died. As a way of a tribute to Skinny here is a link to part of the film Stokey Punks made in 1995 featuring a classic performance from Coitus, it made us smile...up the punx.


06/01/10 Happy New Year to all. To kick-start the year for the 'terror we have a couple of potentially great gigs coming up this month. On Friday 22/01/10 we are playing in London with Visions of War at the one year anniversary of the Dewdrop squat, flyer with full line-up and details here. The following day, 23/01/10 we are both playing the Punks Alive festival in Birmingham with a amazing number of bands, attached is the running order. The festival is over 3 days with all sorts of Punk genres represented so it should be interesting and looks end up being a messy weekend.

We have been busy writing new material for both a pre-dominantly Finnish 7''compilation split (incl. Diskelma, Khatarina) and our first LP. As we have tended to release 7''s over the last few years we wanted to spend some time preparing and put a full length LP. We will continue to write and look to record later in the year and will post updates for anyone interested here. In the meantime we are also organising some more gigs for the spring details to be posted here once they are known.



Thanks to everyone that has come to see us, organised a gig, fed us, bought us a drink, given us a place to stay, helped out in anyway, bought any of our records etc or just come up and said hello this year. As ever your support is appreciated and makes playing in the band much more fun. See you all next year.



We are presently starting to write for an album and have already played a couple of the new songs at recent gigs. We will being playing some more new material at the Southampton gig in December which is our last gig of the year. We have also confirmed a gig in London on the 22/01/10 with Visions Of War the day before the Punks alive festival in Birmingham. Looks like it'll be a good weekend...



The Horror(ESP) didn't get in the country so won't be playing on the gigs on Friday and Saturday but both gigs are still going ahead both with great line-ups please see the gigs page for details.



Gigs added in Brighton, Bristol with Horror(ESP) and Southampton.



Firstly an apology that this site has not been kept up to date for a couple of months due to technical problems with our hosting. The infrequent updates that were posted were to our old host were not uploaded correctly so were never visible. We have now moved to a new host to rectify this problem. Additionally this site will be kept up to date on a regular basis.

We will be be playing the Punks alive festival up in Birmingham in January of next year with some great bands incl. Hellkrusher, Visions of War, Police Bastard, Beginning of the End etc, other bands and details on the flyer. Despite us and the above bands all coming from the harder end of the spectrum it is a eclectic bill over the 3 days so probablly something for every punk there...



Unfortunately the promoter has had to cancel the gig in Norwich on the 01/08/09 so apologies to anyone who was looking to come along. We are looking to reschedule a gig up there and will update the site when we know when.

On a more positve note we have been asked to contribute a track to the the upcoming Angry scenes 4 compilation which is a benefit for the family of the late Trogg from Contempt. Other bands include Subhumans, Restarts, Inner Terrestials and many more. Further details when we have them.



Thanks to everyone who organised or came to one of the gigs in Europe last month particulary Brad, Leon, Jacob, Janne, all at Grazzonen, Stevie, Ballo and Diskelma for their hospitaltity



Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us on our recent mini tour with Visions of War in May. Particular thanks go to Austen for filling in on bass for Adam and to the awesome Visions Of War our touring partners. The next gigs are our Euro tour starting in Belgium, details on the gigs page and on the flyer.


20/04/09 Stiv from Visions of War has done a great flyer advertising the upcoming mini tour next month, check it out here. Also please click on the links for the individual flyers for London, Brighton, Bristol, Bradford and Birmingham. This promises to be a raging trip over the Mayday bank holiday weekend so take advantage of the holiday and come and get you’re hearing destroyed...

We will have copies of our new 7'' 'War With No end' with us as well as the usual distro bits and pieces. If anyone can't make it and would like a copy please see the flyer for details on how to get one.

The European Tour in May has taken shape with only one date to be finalised so please see the gig page for the full details, we are playing in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany so please feel free to come along and buy us a beer.

Finally on the gig front we are playing the Derby Punx Picnic in July details here, We are in the process of sorting out a gig for the Friday on the way up from Brighton to make a weekend of it details when we have them.

Next gig for us is with Discharge on Saturday 25/04/09 at the Engine Room in Brighton and we will be playing a few new tracks so come and check it out if you're nearby.


28/02/09 The 'War with No End' 7'' is now out and avaliable direct from us as well as a variety of distros. 4 new tracks of brutal D-beat crustcore. Details of prices, etc are on the flyer. If you want to use paypal please add 30p to cover their fee, and send to the to the contact e-mail address. If you are interested in wholesale rates or trades get in touch as we will work out a deal for you.

The UK (sorry worked out to be no Scotland, Wales or NI gigs so England really...) mini tour with Visions Of War details are now up on the gigs page and runs from 30/04-03/05 taking in London, Brighton, Bristol, Bradford and Birmingham. Bristol and Bradford are also with Victims who are doing their own mini tour over the May Bank Holiday and the two tours happily coincide for a couple of shows.

The European tour at the end of May is almost all booked and we wil publish the dates once they are finalised. We have also been confirmed to play Derby Punks Picnic in July. Last but definitely not least a big thanks to Steve and Colin for organising last weekends gigs in Bradford and Edinburgh and everyone who came out and supported them, Cheers!



Lots of interesting news items in this month’s update. We have had the test pressings back for 'War with No End' and it sounds brutal! Fast, raw, savage metallic hardcore/crustcore and easily both the best recording and material we have done to date. We are now waiting the finished item, which should be with us in early Feb.

On the gig front we have a few gigs lined up in Feb and March, please note the Discharge gig in Brighton has now moved to April and check out the flyer for Edinburgh. Please check the gig pages for details on all these. We will also be doing a mini UK tour with our mates in 'Visions of War' from Belgium in May. We'll add the dates as they are confirmed to us.

Finally we are in the process of organising some dates in Europe incl. Netherlands, Germay, Denmark Sweden and Finland (with Diskelma). Once again as dates are confirmed we will add them to the gigs page. If you are interested in putting us on or getting involved in any way please contact us via this e-mail.


Thanks to everyone that came to the recent gigs. We have lined up some more gigs for the New Year and the first of those include a return trip up to Scotland that we are all excited about, as ever the details are on the gigs page.

In the near future we will be publishing details of a short European Tour we are in the process of planning for next year. The new 7’’ has been sent for press and more details will be available soon.


A quick update on the upcoming gigs, unfortunately the gig in London on 05/12/08 has been cancelled by the promoter. We'll be back up in London in the New Year and we'll post the details once we have them. The next gigs are with GBH in Brighton on 06/12/08 followed by Southampton on the 14/12/08. We are also sorting out a trip up to Scotland in the New Year as well.



'War With No End' is almost completed and we will be publishing more details on this space very soon. As previously mentioned it’s coming together well and sounding vicious but as ever it always takes longer than anticipated to complete because of everyone’s other commitments.

We have confirmed a few more gigs between now and Xmas in Bristol, London, Brighton and Southampton please see the gigs page for details and come along and say hello if you can



During September we have been busy recording the next 7''. The recording is now complete so it's now just a case of mixing. We are all very pleased with the results so far.

The 7'' will be entitled 'War With No End' and it'll consist of four new raging tracks. It's already sounding brutal and once we have the mix finished we are confident it'll be the best thing we have done, but then we would say that... more news on the next update.

Other news is that we have some more gigs confirmed, details on the gigs page. Check out the flyer for London on the 17/09/08.



Thanks to everyone who came to the Fuk Reading gig over the Bank Holiday weekend and gave us such a great reception, another eventful Reknaw production so thanks to Risky, Bev and Austen for their efforts.

Since the last update we have been busy working on finishing new material for the next 7''. We are recording in September and are all excited with the songs so far, no dramatic changes just more of the same - but better! No fuss, no mess just pure impact... more information when we have actually recorded the songs.

We have some more gigs confirmed which are on the gigs page, we are also organising a couple more. We unfortunately had to turn down a few gigs and events recently due to prior commitments but please still get in touch if you are interested in us playing as we always try and work something out if at all possible.



Another long overdue update as I had far more interesting things to do! We have played some great gigs recently. Particularly fun were the 3 we did with Diskelma who are a great band - check out their new 'Fun Is Over' LP. We have a few more gigs confirmed including playing the Saturday of the Fuk Reading festival on the 23/08/08 please see the gig page for details.

The slow grinding march to the recording studio continues...but the good news is we have 5 raging new tracks that are ready to be recorded. Once we have finished working on a couple more we will be looking to get into the studio before the end of the summer, it's sounding good and all being well we will be releasing a new 7'' before the year is out.

‘Black Ways Of War’ from the Liberation 7’’ is featured on the Angry Scenes 3 compilation CD please see here for further details. We have a few of these CD's available so send us e-mail if you are interested.

At some point in the near future in the spirit of direct DIY you will be able to buy all our releases plus T-shirts, etc direct from us on this site but in the meantime please e-mail us and we'll sort something out, cheers.



We've have been busy rehearsing and continuing to write some new material. The tracks are sounding brutal and we are going to be playing some of it at the upcoming gigs. Unfortunately we are not playing London on the 03/05/08 but will be playing the Scumfest benefit gig on the 09/05/08. After that we have some gigs with the mighty Diskelma from Finland, sadly due to work /life we can't do the whole tour but we are playing the first weekend with them. Also we will be playing at the Snottingham Punk Crime Capital, as the Nottingham punx picnic is now called, in June with Cress and Oi Polloi amongst others check out the website for details, it looks like a great bill. See the gigs page for details.

We now have new T-shirts incl. a new double-sided Liberation design with Sonia's awesome artwork on the front and back. We also have more of the original Cop design from the demo/7'' cover. Also we have a variety of patches. Pictures up on the site soon. If you want one T-shirts are £6.00 + P&P. Drop us a line and we'll work something out. The shopping cart thing is on hold at the moment so it’s the old fashioned way all the way!


19/03/08 Thanks to everyone that came to the recent gigs in Nottingham, Southampton and the Discharge gig in Brighton. All were fun in their own way and it was good to see friends old and new. We are looking forward to the Seein'Red gig in Brighton on the 22/03/08 which is also a Birthday celebration for Ralf, a good friend of ours (everybody's?!?), with a few other quality bands, see the gig page for full details.

Upcoming gigs confirmed include the North London Punks Picnic. It's a 4-day event 29/05/08 to 01/06/8 that is Thurs. to Sun. and we are playing on Fri. night. Checkout their website for more details on the event, there are some awesome bands playing over the festival which will raise funds for some worthy causes. We were also asked to play the Faslane peace camp at their Punks Picnic on 02-04/05/08, details here, but unfortunately we cannot do it. The event is attracting attention to the long running protest at Faslane Naval Base, plus a Beltane celebration in itself. Naturally it's worth supporting if you can and we are disappointed we can't make it.

There are some major updates on the way on the website in the near future including a link to enable online purchasing of all our releases, etc. plus other quality DIY punk stuff from the distro.

We are also still continuing to work on new material for a couple of upcoming releases. It all does seem to take a lot longer than you'd think...


07/02/08 Thanks to everyone that organised our recent gigs in Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow and all those who came along. In particular Si and Kate, Will and Andy Scoot, whose efforts are all much appreciated. We are playing a anti fascist benefit in Nottingham on Saturday 09/02/08, with Liberty amongst others so please come along and support it if you are anywhere nearby. We have also confirmed gigs in Southampton, Brighton (with Discharge and Seein' Red!) and London. Please click on the links or see the gig pages for full details.

We have almost sold out of T-shirts and will be printing more plus some with a new design very soon, details on here once we have them. We are continuing to write for the next 7'' and will be recording once we have a few more tracks finished.



11/01/08 To kick off the New Year we are playing a long weekend up north this month, before anyone complains remember we're in Brighton so almost everywhere in the UK is north to us! It is starting on the 25/01/08 in Birmingham, 26/01/08 Newcastle and the 27/01/08 in Glasgow, click on the links for flyers. We also have gigs coming up in Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton and Brighton over the next couple of months.

Other news is that we are working on recording another 7''. We have some new material written that we'll be playing alongside the old tunes at the upcoming gigs and we are working on some more at the moment. We are looking at recording sometime in the next few months.

In the meantime we still have copies of both the self/titled and Liberation 7''s but unfortunately have sold out of the compilation 7''. We also still have a limited number of the Angry Scenes compilation CD, and the CDR demo. Please e-mail for details if you’re interested.



Another long overdue update, firstly the Southampton gig on Sunday 16/12/07 has been moved to a different venue, details on the gigs page. Regrettably we have had to pull out of the Boston gig on Dec. 22/12/07 but it is still going ahead so if you were going go along anyway and check out Whole In The Head.

We now have copies of the self-titled 7'' released on Tadpole and it’s available from us for sale/trade. We think the demo tracks sound even better on the vinyl so if you liked the CDR demo spoil yourself and get a copy, we don't think you’ll be disappointed!

We are in the process of arranging some more UK dates and looking to go back to mainland Europe in the Spring, probably Holland, Germany and maybe Belgium. We also will be back in the studio in the New Year to record a new 7’’ and some tracks for some other projects. We’ll publish more news as these plans slowly take shape.


16/10/07 We've had the test pressings for the Tadpole 7'' back and they sound awesome, the vinyl gives it more bottom end than on the orginal CDR so we are pleased so far! We will have copies for sale/trade very soon and it'll be announced on here. The Inepsy gig/party in Brighton was utter chaos and enjoyed by everyone, so thanks to everyone who helped out and made it happen, never again...!

Unfortunately the Born/Dead gig in Boston on 14/10/07 was cancelled but we are playing in Boston on the 22/12/07. We have also got gigs lined up in Portsmouth, London, Southampton and Glasgow in the next few months, check the gig pages for details. Our next gig is with Born/Dead in Brighton on the 26/10/07


11/09/07 The Inepsy gig in Brighton is at Studio 284 on Wednesday 12/09/07,details on the flyer. It's going to be a late one but looks like it'll be fun. We have also confirmed gigs with Born/Dead in Boston and Brighton. Please see the Gig page for details.
30/08/07 To start this overdue update we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the recent Brighton gig we put on, War All The Time and Whole In the Head both played blinding sets and a good drunk punk fuckin' rock evening was had by all. Also thanks to Nath and Luke for putting us on in Southampton at the end of June with the Subhumans and SH57, another blinding gig!

We are in the process of organising some more gigs that will be posted on the gigs page as they become confirmed. To kick it off we are playing in Brighton with Inepsy and SH57 on the 12/09/07 the venue tbc.

As previously mentioned Darren from Tadpole Records is releasing our 5 track demo CDR on 7'' vinyl. This is definitely going ahead and will be a similar package, same tracks and artwork, etc, but with some additional new artwork on the back of the sleeve as we now have more space to be creative with! It should be avaliable sometime next month or so and we will have some copies for sale. We are taking pre-orders now and the price will be £3.00 ppd or £2.50 at gigs. If you are interested in wholesale/trade please get in touch with us or contact Darren at Tadpole and we can work something out.

Finally it is with regret we have to share some sad news. Stephane Adamski from Squawk Records who helped put out our recent single was found dead last week. We met as Adam got in touch with us as he loved our demo and asked if he could get get involved if we were releasing anything. He subsequently helped us out because of a shared passion for the message and music of the punk/DIY scene. He was one of the good guys. Our sympathies and regrets are with Stephane's (Adam's) family and friends.



Thanks to everyone that came to Snottingham and Scumfest gigs and to the promoters for inviting us to play and making it happen. Also apologies to anyone who tried to come to the Streatham gig it was unfortunately cancelled at late notice by the promoters SDLC as there was a problem with the venue. Next gig is with the Subhumans in Southampton on the 28/06/07, details on the gig page.

We are really pleased that Tadpole records have offered to put out our first demo as a 7''. It'll have all the songs, artwork from the CDR plus a slightly reworked cover. This should be out at some point over the summer. We also have a few other things planned for the later in the year and naturally will publish the details here as soon as they are confirmed.

We have now sold out of the 'Same Shit, Different Day' compilation 7''. If you are looking for a copy try Whole In The Head as they may have some left. There are still some t-shirts and the new ‘Liberation’ 7’’ available please e-mail for details.



The Liberation 7’’ is now out and is available for £2.50 at gigs or £3.00 postpaid in the UK. Overseas enquiries please e-mail for details. It is also available wholesale for distros from both Inflammable Material and Squawk Records, once again please e-mail for details. We are very pleased with the whole package including the songs, recording, and the artwork so please check it out.

We have a few gigs coming up in June, please see the flyers here for Snottingham and here for Scumfest . We are also playing in Streatham on the 23/06/07 so please have a look on the gigs page if you’re interested.

We had a great time on the tour with Visions Of War in France. A big thanks to them and our respective drivers, Mermouille and Nick for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. Also cheers to all the gig promoters for looking after us and all the other bands and everyone who came to the gigs, it was much appreciated and we had a blast. The final damage was a blown Marshall amp head, a fucked tuner and a destroyed cab not bad going in 5 days!



Firstly some gig news, the French mini tour with Visions of War has stabilised with a couple of changes, please see the gig pages for details.Also Nottingham in June has been confirmed. Unfortunately we will now not be playing the Oi Polloi gig on 01/05/07 in London.

We are featured with a track on the Angry Scenes 2 compilation see here for further details. We have a few of this available, please drop us an e-mail if you are interested.

We have had the test pressings for the Liberation 7’’ and it’s sounding good, we will hopefully have these available for the tour. If you are interested in getting a copy we will be selling them from this site, more details next time, or ask your local DIY punk rock distro to get some in!



Lots of interesting things happening over the next couple of months. Firstly we have a confirmed 5 date French tour with Visions of War, details on the gig page and a flyer for the first gig here. These look like being great gigs as Visions of War are an awesome live band and it's our first time abroad with Constant State of Terror so we'll be on top form. In addition we have some other gigs confirmed including playing the Between The Lines festival at the Cowley Club in Brighton. Between The Lines is a a weekend of DIY hardcore punk music and radical workshops, have a look at the website to find out more. Also we are playing with Oi Polloi on May day in London. In June we might be playing Snottingham Punk Crime Capital 2007 festival in, were else?, Nottingham just waiting to see if thats confirmed. Plus we also doing Scumfest in London and a gig with the Subhumans in Southampton. Details on the Gigs page for these and other upcoming gigs.

The 'Liberation' single is finished and should be released by the beginning of May. It is being self-released by Jules's long running label Inflammable Material, which he has resurrected from the dead! Adam at Squawk Records is heping out with the release as well so a big thank you to him. Please get in touch for distro. orders/rates etc. We will be selling it direct from the website as well, more info. when we have it.

Finally, after much internal debate it needs to be said!, we have sold out and joined the evil empire on myspace music, you can find us at ,come visit and be our friend...



We are going to be releasing our new recording soon as a 7''. The artwork is looking awesome and once we get it mixed we are looking to get it pressed. If anybody is interested in copies for distro's etc please get in touch ASAP. Also updated the Gigs page with a couple of gigs in London and the next one in Nottingham. It's an all day Anti Fascist benefit gig with Oi Polloi and many more at the Maze. There will be Punk, Dub, Ska and folk bands playing plus speakers and information stands so it should make for a good varied day. We are playing late afternoon/early evening. Finally we now have a flyer for the gig in Bournemouth in April.



Ok first off apologies to anyone that came to the London gig on the 06/01/07 as we had to cancel at short notice because of unforeseen personal circumstances but we hear it was a good night anyhow! Thanks to Goz for inviting us up and we will definitely be back in London somewhere in the near future. Also thanks to Rich for getting us back to Southampton recently. The latest news is as well as finishing the recording of our ripping new songs we have been planning a weekend mini tour in France with Visions Of War in May, more news on that when we have it. Also possibly later in the year are some gigs in Holland and maybe a UK tour, once again more info. when we know what we are doing! Finally the gig page has been updated and the next one is in Eastbourne on Friday 26/01/07.



We have been recording at Studio 284 in Brighton with Austen where we did the demo and it's all coming together but we still have some work to do... We are looking forward to playing some of the new songs at a couple of gigs in the new year. Firstly we are playing in London on the 06th January, flyer here, and in Southampton on the 14th January. Please see the gig page for details if you're interested in checking them out.



We played some excellent gigs during October, we had a lot of fun and were fortunate to met a load of cool new people. Special thanks to Steve in Bradford and all at the 1 in 12 for another inspirational Means To An End Festival. Also thanks to Visions Of War and Pateando Porkeria for a couple of cool drunken evenings in October. The other news is that we have now actually got T-shirts printed and we are selling them for £6.00 at gigs, if you want one by mail order please e-mail us. Finally we have been busy writing and rehearsing songs and getting ready to record them in December. We are stoked with the way it's sounding and rest assured if you like the old songs you shouldn't have a problem with the new material. Please check back soon for news on the recording and what we intend doing with the finished tracks.



The Means To An End festival at the 1 in 12 Club looks like a great line up over the weekend of the 27-29/10/06 see the flyer for details . We are playing on the Saturday and on the Friday, 27/10/06, we are in Stoke details on this flyer. Before this over the coming weekend we are playing a couple of gigs with Pateando Porkeria from the Basque country in Brighton and Eastbourne so please come along if you can.



There have been a couple of changes to our upcoming gigs. Eastbourne has changed venue and moved from the 21/10/06 to 22/10/06. Also we are pleased that Whole In The Head are playing with us and Kylesa on 11/10/06 in Brighton.



Added a few more gigs. We are playing Combat Shock's (Sonny's other band) last ever gig on the 07/10/06 please see the gig page for details, it's an afternoon gig and we are on at 15:30 so get there early if you're coming.



Apologies to anyone who came to see us at Fuk Redding as due to circumstances beyond our control we did not end up playing despite being there! The gig page has been updated and we are playing the Means To An End festival at the 1 in 12 in Bradford in October. The festival runs from Friday 27th until Sunday 29th and we are playing on the Saturday more details when we get it.



We have the 6 way split 7'' for sale now at gigs for £2.50, if you are interested in a copy by post please e-mail us.



Played a few good gigs recently and met some good people. Kakistocracy were excellent in Brighton and cool people to boot. Reknaw put on a great eclectic benefit (see Reknaw site for details) gig up in in Seven Sisters on the 29/07, thanks as always to Risky and Bev. We are playing up there again at the Fuk Reading Festival with Sick On The Bus, IT , Liberty amongst many others (full list on the gig page). The festival is on two days Friday 25/ Saturday 26th August and we are playing the on the Friday night. Saturday night looks like a great bill as well with The Varukers, Coitus, Cold War, This System Kills , Poundaflesh and many more including local lunatics Flatpig.



A couple of changes on the gig front, Guildford has been moved to the 03/08/06 and we are now playing a benefit for Reknaw on the 29/07/06 in London. We have recieved the test press for the 6 way split 7'' and it sounds good, more news when we have it.



We are putting on Kakistocracy who are on a European tour on at the Cowley club in Brighton on the 23/07/06(Flyer). Constant State Of Terror are also playing. This is a free gig for members and guests but donations for the touring band would be helpful.



Unfortunately the Southampton Punx Picnic has now been cancelled but we did get to record over there on the 27/05/06 - 6 bands in 10 hours recording for a HC compilation 7". Really good project and great fun to be asked to contribute and get involved, so thanks to Al & Nath and all the other bands. Also Added a couple of gigs, we are playing an Anti Fascist benefit on Friday 09/06/06 in London at The Square Occupied Social Centre, 21 Russell Square. Please support this if you can. In July we are off to Guildford, please see the Gigs page for more info on these.



More gigs added in Southampton, London and Bristol. Playing the Fuck Reading festival with a lot of other bands over 2 days in London in August. On Saturday 27/05/06 we are recording a track for the compilation 7'' over in Southampton along with the other 5 bands.


Gig page updated. More changes to be added soon.



Gig page updated.



Links page started, more to come.



There is talk of contributing 6 way split 7''with Haywire, Whole in the Head, and 3 others in the near future. More news when we have it.



Gigs for April and May added in London, Southampton and Brighton.


12/03/06 Website version 0.1 up and running. Lyrics and MP3's added.
  Upcoming and historical gig listings added.